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The art of draping an Indian sari
with Kalpana Shah

Daring to go where none have ventured before, Kalpana Shah has had the insight and ingenuity to recognize and fulfill a growing need which few have recognized, let alone tried to meet. The Whole Nine Yards a coffee table book by Kalpana Shah unravels a mystery that for decades has plagued many a young women – the perfect drape for a beautiful sari.

In her own words, “ I want women to know and experiment with different ways of draping a sari, but I can’t personally guide every one of them. I don’t want this wonderful art to be restricted to a few. This is my humble effort to take this craft onto the world stage.”

Exquisite design and concise, well-written copy together with beautiful photographs ensure a book that is not just pleasing to look at, but also an excellent and full-proof guide to the practical art of draping a sari.

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