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Author Kalpana Shah
Publisher Klipart Kreations Private Limited,
Mumbai, India
Genre Coffee Table Book on how to drape an Indian Sari
Size 12.4 x 16.3 In, 168 pages
ISBN 978-81-910131-0-8
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‘The Whole 9 Yards’ provides precise instructions to readers, along with photographs, illustrating the many steps that go into draping an Indian sari. With instructions, it offers a variety of styles suited to every occasion, from parties to weddings and even for corporate events.

An exquisite design and concise, well written copy together with beautiful photographs ensures a book that is not just pleasing to look at, but also an excellent and full-proof guide to the practical art of draping a sari. A must have for every Indian woman, both in the country and abroad, the book features models & trend setters in the fashion and modeling industry.

This book is unique both in terms of content as well as form. This book has the best of everything from paper, to pictures supplemented by in-depth research, models, production and the expert guidance of Mrs. Shah creating a work of art in the form of an appealing coffee table book.


A trained classical dancer, Mumbai-based Kalpana Shah finds her quest for beauty and elegance woven into the traditional Indian drape. This is why her aim is to popularize the sari. “Today for various reasons, women have taken to western styles of dressing. I want them to retain the sari. To me, it’s a symbol of a woman’s Indian identity, and I want Indian women to continue to wear it with pride, and wear it in the most elegant and graceful way possible.”

Kalpana’s enthusiasm is infectious and with this alone, she has built up a roster of clientele over the years. She’s worked with personalities in the worlds of fashion, film, business and society. As the requests for drapes to suit any occasion were varied, her creative spirit took on the challenges easily. Due to this Kalpana is able to take any length of cloth – from a 4-yard to a 9-yard – and make it feel as comfortable as it looks sensuous. She knows just how to work around any body type and find the right drape to flatter it.

In her experience, Kalpana noticed that women have the misconception that a sari limits their mobility. But the key she finds is effective draping. This is exactly what she sets out to accomplish in ‘The Whole 9 Yards’. Besides this Kalpana makes it possible for anyone to understand several draping styles. “I want women to know and experiment with different ways of draping a sari.” Whether it’s for a ritual ceremony or a cocktail party, Kalpana’s step-by-step recipes for sari draping are designed to be foolproof for anyone who wants to lay claim to the whole 9 yards.


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